Marciano designs digital products. He specializes in user experience—ensuring products delight any and every customer.

He gets super weirded out when portfolios talk about themselves in third-person so he's going to stop doing that right now. Follow me via Twitter or send me an email.



Lead Product Designer at

2019 - 2023

In my role as Lead Product Designer at Sounder, I wore the hats of problem-solver, team-builder, and always trying to be one step ahead of the user's expectations. This journey has been the most rewarding of my career so far, and I'd love to tell you more about.

Community & Design Education at

2018 - 2019

User Experience Design at Aiden.CX

2017 - 2018

User Experience Design at Media.Monks

2016 - 2017

Marketing & Front-End at

2011 - 2015

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